Style is something that cannot be the same for everyone. Style is an individual’s own choice in clothes, accessories, and other attributes, as it does not relate to clothing and can be dependent on anything that makes the person look stylish. Fashion trends can be varied but style is an enlargement of fashion that does not change.

In other words, style is usually another word for ‘personal style or the way a person expresses themselves through aesthetic choices such as their clothing, hairstyle, accessories, and the way you put it all together. Fashion styling is the art and execution of styling clothes through their combination to create certain looks, providing fashion advice, and coordinating outfits that are aesthetically pleasing. 

There is a very thin line between fashion and style, fashion represents global trends and the business of the fashion industry. On the other hand, style is timeless. It keeps you staying true to yourself and developing a sense of self, instead of blindly following the trends. On the catwalk, a model is part of the huge fashion world, however, the way they dress at home is their style. Today, when an influencer and their unique style become iconic, they establish their clothing brand and turn into fashion.  

Top 5 Trendy Styles to Try In 2022

  • Streetwear Style

When we talk about street style, it is something that is enhanced by local streets than from high-profile fashion studios and malls. Street style is relatively connected with youth culture and is very well known and seen in major urban areas. It is globally approached and accepted which includes styles that converge and differentiate from mainstream fashion while it is originally based on individualism, the preferred choice of one instead of following the latest trends.

Street style is evolving all around the world. Preppy street style with miniskirt and turtlenecks, knee-high socks, khakis, and stiletto makes this trend so dynamic and endless outfit combinations. There is this Femme-punk style that combines two significant personalities, a party look to feminine dressing and softening up, and has a little bit of fun element. Due to outgrowing street shows, hip-hop has transformed fashion through customizing, sampling, and remixing what already exists. 

  •  Athleisure Style

The athleisure fashion style is a current modification to the various styles. The attire is the perfect fusion of completely comfortable body-tight and oversized pieces such as hoodies with biker shorts or sports bras. This look completes hen clean cuts and simple silhouettes that match fitness-inspired accessories like baseball hats and backpacks.  

This style has the supremacy of keeping comfort while still looking effortlessly carry altogether. It is something you can wear daily anywhere, the gym, the grocery store, etc. A baggy touch of clothing keeps things casual whereas a body-tight element elevates your look.

  •  Classic Style

The classic aesthetic is all about elegant, redefined pieces such as basic jeans with a blazer and neutral-toned accessories like scarves and totes. When it is about creating a classic wardrobe some core colors to keep in mind are black, navy, grey, and tan hues are essentials. Classic style is safe, clean, and quite traditional. 

People value longevity over trends, a trusted look that is both timeless and flattering with a classy twist. Whether it is a white blouse or a crisp white shirt, it will look glamorous with a simple strand of pearls and diamond studs. 

  •  Bohemian Chic Style

The bohemian style stands for mixing, matching, layering, and exploring as it revolves around elements of the natural world. The modern bohemian style is more a celebration of natural fabric and nostalgic retro pattern of bohemian flare pants, warm shades like olive green, and mustard yellow boho flared trousers give the most free-spirited and careless look with some golden statement accessories. 

A Boho flare pants outfit is whole when it is styled with fringe, crochet, and macrame giving the textures of various options for bags, tops, and jewelry. However, the boho flare pants outfit has been popular and back in the trend while it is the better option for plus size people to feel comfortable and polished.

  •  Retro Style

The fashion style from 20-30 years ago varies from the current one, nevertheless, many people tend to extend the timeline bit more and the retro aesthetic is an electric mix of old styles remixed with modern elements that make us remember the previous decades.  

The revival of retro style can consist of butterfly clips, low-waisted jeans, and glitter the two-toned hair gives fashionably old fashion looks. 

Owning Your Style

The style could be subjective. What other people think of your outfit does not matter, if you are walking down the street wearing what you like and feel comfortable in it that is all that matters. The way you carry yourself is vital and shows how confident you are. We are not able to be able to critique other people’s styles and give advice, well maybe ease into finding your style and there is a way of giving feedback that’s not true.

By David