When we throw parties, it’s always a good idea to have healthy snacks with us. Some people may feel uncomfortable bringing things like chips, cake, or other unhealthy foods, but you can help your friends and family stay healthy without being too restrictive by including these snacks in your party plans.

Healthy Namkeens

How to Select a Healthy Snack?

Snacks are usually very delicious. You may want to eat some cookies or cakes to satisfy your sweet tooth. It is essential to choose the right snack for yourself. If you’re unsure whether a snack is healthy, check the Nutrition Facts label for details on the serving size, calories, fat, salt, and added sugars.

Here are some pointers for more informed snacking:

Go for the grain: 

Snacks made of whole grains might provide you with long-lasting energy. Consider some whole-grain, low-salt tortilla chips, pretzels, or a bowl of high-fiber cereal.

Bring Breakfast Back:

Many breakfast foods can be used later in the day as a healthy snack. What about some low-sugar jam on a piece of whole-grain toast? Low-sugar granola is another quick snack option.

Consider a “high-low” pairing:

Combine a bit of something very light—like apple slices or celery sticks—with a more significant amount of something with healthy fat, such as peanut butter.

There are many snacks available today, and you have a lot of choices. Some options are fruit, nuts, popcorn, trail mix, bread sticks, namkeen snacks, cheese, fryums yogurt, and many others. 

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Go bonkers:

Nuts and seeds without salt are excellent snacks. Nuts and seeds such as almonds, walnuts, peanuts, roasted pumpkin seeds, cashews, hazelnuts, and filberts are higher in fiber and more likely to make you feel satisfied (unlike chips or pretzels). However, due to their high calorie content, nuts should only be eaten in moderation.

The combination snack:

Try to include a range of macronutrients in your snacks (protein, fat, and carbohydrates). Consider eating some almonds (which are high in protein and fat) and grapes (carbohydrates). Alternately, serve whole-grain crackers as a carbohydrate with some low-fat cheese (protein and fat). These nutritious foods tend to keep you feeling satisfied.

Snack Carefully:

Don’t consume your snack while engaging in other activities, such as Internet browsing, TV viewing, or desk work. Instead, take a few minutes to pause from what you’re doing and have your snack like you would a light meal.

Take it with you: 

Plan and keep a small bag of wholesome food in your pocket or purse so you won’t reach for the office vending machine’s candy bars or the coffee shop’s cookies out of desperation.

What Are the Other Factors to Think About?

Snacks can be carried in a pocket or backpack if placed in compact plastic containers or bags. Putting snacks in containers encourages portion control. Bring your food to work if you can.

Other advice:

  • In its stead, put a bowl of fruit.
  • Foods like cookies, chips, and ice cream should be kept in places that are difficult to see or access. Place the chips on a high shelf and the ice cream at the back of the freezer.
  • If you want to enhance your physical strength, reduce your consumption of “junk food” snacks such chips, sweets, cake, cookies, and ice cream. You can successfully avoid indulging in unhealthy snacks and junk food by keeping them out of your home.
  • Place the wholesome meals in the front, near the eyes.
  • Put some food in a bowl or on a plate for each individual in your household if you like to eat while you watch TV. Straight out of the packaging, eating might lead to weight gain.

Talk to a trained dietitian or your family’s healthcare provider for suggestions if you are having trouble locating healthy snacks that you will like eating.


It is fine to consume a snack that is unhealthy occasionally. Never allowing sweet foods or unhealthy snacks may cause people to smuggle them to keep your life healthy. Balance and restraint are essential.

At a house party, it’s always fun to eat, drink, and make new friends. But, it can also be hard to know what to bring. Here are some healthy snacks to bring to a house party, so you can enjoy the party while being good for you!

By David