All you Need to Know about Top 3 Most Loved Gaming Characters

Last time we discussed what is scheduling, benefits of schedule making application and how it saves our time and money. Today we will talk about top gaming characters who are loved by the most people and why children are influenced by them.

Who doesn’t like a good video game? It’s self-evident; everyone does it. The characters, visuals, music, and scripting are all important aspects of liking a game. In a Halloween party or cosplay, video game characters play an essential role.

People are inspired by them and utilize their imagination to create stunning Halloween costumes. Some of the famous character costumes are Akuma cosplay costume, sans undertale halloween costume, Alice angel cosplay costume, and many more. Here we have listed the 3 most loved characters across the world.

tomb raider poster

1.    Alice Angel

Alice Angel is a fictional character from Bendy and the Ink Machine, a bizarre computer game. The game revolves around Henry, a former animator who is welcomed back to Joey Drew Studios, where he had worked 30 years ago.

He discovers the Ink Machine and attempts to repair it, but soon finds himself stuck in a nightmare world filled with ancient characters generated by the machine. Alice Angel was one of the characters that had previously featured in cartoons and were voiced by Susie Campbell.

Susie had always claimed to have a particular connection to her character, and it’s hinted that when a crazy, evil version of Alice arrives, it’s Susie herself, changed into a weird hybrid with the character she voiced so many years before.

2.    Atreus

Atreus is the hero of Sony’s God of War, which was created by renowned video game developer Cory Bartlog. The idea of Atreus is inspired by Greek mythology, as well as Bartlog’s personal experiences with his kid.

It’s worth noting that parts of the game, such as Atreus’ translation of Old Norse to his father Kratos, were based on similar experiences Bartlog experienced with his son. The game’s plot follows Atreus, who meets his demi-god father Kratos following the death of his mother.

He tries hard to prove himself to Kratos since he feels rejected by him because they were separated for long periods when he was a kid. This worked to Atreus’ advantage since he became a stronger fighter as a result of his insecurities.



3.    Agent 47’s background (Hitman)

Rupert Friend played everyone’s favorite killer-for-hire in the 2015 film adaptation of the story Hitman: Agent 47. Agent 47 is a contract killer in the film who is seeking to find the daughter of the scientist who developed him years ago.

The scientist eventually dropped out of the project. Katia, the scientist’s daughter, is kidnapped by men who promise to protect her from a guy named 47 who is attempting to kill her.

When Agent 47 eventually locates her, he exposes the truth: he, too, is an agent from the same genetically produced program–albeit one that is considerably more sophisticated.

The two teams join together to hunt Katia’s father. Their mission is to bring down the wicked organization that is attempting to utilize technology to transform operatives like 47 into soldiers to wage a war. Even though it was released in 2000, Hitman continues to be a popular game.