E Pehchan card or ESI card is issued to the beneficiaries who are enrolled under the ESI scheme or Employees’ State Insurance Scheme. This is a special social security health insurance scheme that are dependent on availing medical benefits, the maternity benefits for the female workers along with unemployment cash benefit only under certain specific circumstances. If the insured person becomes disabled because of any employment-related injury or dies, then there is a provision for pension plans for the dependents and disablement benefits as per requirement.

This is a self-financed scheme which implies both the employer as well as the employee contribute a certain fixed percentage towards the scheme. 

ID card

How to obtain the card?

The employer needs to download the e  Pehchaan application form from the official web portal at www.esic.in and enter the relevant details. The employee must submit a family photo containing the photo of all the dependents which the employer needs to attest. After the necessary signatures are provided, the employee must take the form along with his dependents to the nearest ESIC office where fingerprints of the employee along with all his dependents are captured for the official record. Within a month after this, a complete kit consisting of two cards is sent to the insured person. It is done by post or the person may collect it physically from the ESIC office.


  • Despite the job change of the employee, he/she may continue to avail the ESIC scheme benefits
  • In case of a job change, the new employer must be notified of the relevant insurance details
  • In case of bringing any change of the benefits or contribution, the employee needs to register in the ESIC portal using the respective insurance number
  • All the relevant details including the email id, the mobile number needs to be duly notified to the employer for the necessary update
  • In case the employee has applied for ESIC card and job change happens before the receipt of the card, the previous employer must be notified of the development
  • It is always advised to keep the card handy and easily available to avoid the hassles of receiving the benefits from the related organization

The E Pehchan card or the ESIC card is a perfect health insurance companion to ensure the associated health insurance benefits at the relevant network hospitals as per requirement for the insured and his/her family.

By David