The solution to a perfect water bottle is a reusable steel water bottle. Their impact on the environment is much less and they don’t carry the dangerous health effects, unlike plastic bottles. It is important–and suggested–to carry a reusable steel water bottle with you because there is already too much plastic in the oceans and landfills from the disposal of plastic bottles.

On the other hand, drinking water throughout the day is vital. Allowing you to keep your body hydrated, fight the heat, and have more energy. You may surely have drunk water from a disposable plastic water bottle at one point in your life. It’s inevitable, you get thirsty throughout the day. And since none of us drinks water from the tap, the only option is bottled water. And as soon as you’re done with it, you toss it.

Meanwhile, steel water bottles are reusable and come in handy in several ways, and are a better bottle option than its other alternatives. This post will give you information on why steel water bottles are superior.

How Steel Water Bottles Are Better Than Plastic, Glass, or Aluminium Bottles?

bottle in bag

  • Steel water bottle looks great and has a class to it.
  • Steel water bottles use high-quality food-grade steel that lasts forever, cleans really well, and is dishwasher friendly.
  • They have an electro polished interior which keeps the water tasting great, and stops the transmission of odours.
  • Steel does not react with drinks neither does it leach into them.
  • Steel is sustainable as it is the most recycled material on Earth.

The Disadvantages Of Plastic Bottles:

  • Plastic bottles deteriorate within months and pick up odours.
  • Plastic bottles are unable to negate any harmful bacteria.
  • BPA-free plastic bottles can contain chemicals that behave in the same way as BPA.

The Drawbacks Of Glass Bottles:

  • Glass bottles can easily break when dropped.
  • Glass bottles are heavier.
  • Glass bottles tend to cost more upfront.
  • Glass bottles have fewer options, Not as many brands make glass bottles as they do other types.

The Downside Of Aluminium Bottles:

  • Aluminium bottles are designed to look like steel but are not.
  • To prevent aluminium poisoning they have liners, those liners degrade over time with use.
  • Aluminium bottles tend to dent easily.
  • Aluminium bottles often have narrow necks making them hard to clean.

Value of water. It is the most precious nutrient on the planet.
Carry it in something special.  Buy a steel water bottle.

By David