Retaining top talent in a firm or an organization is a major challenge for HR managers. While constant growth opportunities and short term benefits lure these candidates into leaving your company, long term benefits like learning opportunities can help to preserve them.

Fun learning experiences must have crossed your mind and you may as well have implemented the same, but with the changing technology and learning appetite of your employees, you need to be updated with the learning methods.

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LMS Integration

Learning is fun when done in free time, but what if you can inculcate the learning system in the work routine and ethics itself? Wouldn’t it get much easier to learn and grow when you can apply it in your work as you learn?

That’s what LMS integration does for you. It makes learning management easy for you as you can track every employee’s growth and it also makes the learning interesting for the candidates. A modern LMS integration online assessment can also give you insights into what your employees have learned so far.


This is the most common trick but when it comes to application, most of the HR managers make a mistake here, which eventually leads to failure of the learning graph of the organization. What works here now are the monetary incentives complemented with the publicity incentives. Most of the employees would like to learn new things, but what motivates them to do that or make them take an extra step is the combination of both the incentives mentioned above.

Long Hours Or Paid Learning Time?

Many employees get confused when it comes to the time they are allocating for learning. Make it crystal clear when it comes to the time and their remuneration during that time. Set clear expectations for the workday and better not push anyone for overtime. When nurturing a passive staff, you should avoid over time as it may repel them to the whole concept of learning.

Make Every Voice Heard

Adopt a lab mindset to make the learning program an interactive one. This will make it more effective and even more participatory among the employees. Give the employees some time to brainstorm their learning directions and personal projects goals, so that they can be well versed with their aim with the learning program.

To Conclude…

Most programmers consider learning as a constant part of their career, and thus getting such an in-built system in your organization will make the retention rate go in a positive direction. They will find a way to express themselves as an individual talent and some eccentric talent can get beneficial for you in the long run.

By David