What is EVC – Electronic Verification Code

What is EVC – Electronic Verification Code

EVC stands for Electronic Verification Code. It is a 10 digits alpha-numeric code which is used to verify your IT return. It is generated using different methods. The EVC verifies the identity of the person who has filed the income tax refund. EVC is a new initiative take by the government to go paperless. This process will eliminate the need to send the ITR V receipt to the CPC, Bangalore by post. We will guide you about the salient features of EVC, since it is a newly introduced facility. EVC is a new procedure introduced by the income tax department for verification of income tax return. After successfully e-filing your return, you should verify it with various ways. Either you can send the ITR V to CPC or verify through Aadhar card update.

Important Facts about EVC

Following things are to be kept mind when choose to verify your ITR through EVC method.

1. The electronic verification code is an alpha-numeric code and it will verify your identity in the income tax return procedure. Hence, make sure of all the details you submit in EVC process.


2. EVC can be used to verify all Income tax return form claimed through ITR 1 (Sahaj, ITR 2 form, ITR 2A, ITR 3, ITR 4 and ITR 4S (sugam).

3. EVC code is unique and you can use it only with your PAN number. Each EVC is generated against only one PAN.

4. You can use a single electronic verification code for validation of only one ITR. (first time and revised).

5. An EVC code is valid for 72 hours. But it can be generated multiple times.

Income tax return form online

6. ITR verification through EVC method should be done within 120 days after the uploading of the ITR file at incometaxindia.gov.in

There are several ways of generating electronic verification code at the income tax official website. We will be soon bringing more information on EVC and income tax return. Keep following our posts and send your queries using the comment box. EVC was introduced in 2015 and available online for all tax payers registered at the e-filing website. Probably central government implement 7th pay commission in july or august and the arrears of six month will be paid in one installment. So here you can see all 7th pay commission latest news.

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