How to Make Goku Costume at Home?

Goku Costume at home

Goku is a loved and funny character, who has a lot of fans around the world. Dragon Ball fans anywhere have always pictured becoming a super Dragon Ball Z Goku costume Saiyan, thanks to Goku. Being incredibly solid and driving a flying nimbus sounds like just so much fun, doesn’t it? That’s why many fanatics stopped fantasizing and began cosplaying.

Who exactly is Goku?

Goku is a Saiyan delivered to the earth as a kid to destroy it, but he forgot his objective in the process, and grew to guard his new house. Once a very fierce soldier from planet Vegeta, Goku became innocent and openhearted. He is always very busy trying to find those elusive Dragon Balls or battling the evil pressures of Frieza, Namec or his own terrible sibling Raditz. As a married man (father to Gohan and Goten, and spouse to Chi-Chi), he is caring and will do whatever his partner asks him to, even when she spends a fight. Sturdy and innocent, he always saves the day.

Goku’s Dress

When clothing like Goku, a simple blue t-shirt, and blue wristbands must reside in a request. You will also have to get a pair of droopy tangerine pants, one size higher the ones you normally wear. Next, find an orange vest with a V-neck, roughly 3 or 4 sizes higher your own.


The most representative component of Goku’s outfit is his kanji. This character works with his adoptive household’s last name, Son. To earn this shape, practice drawing it abstractly first. When you feel pleasant, get a piece of white material, or contact paper, to make the style. You will need to have two, one the size of your hand to place it on your chest, and a second one, four times bigger, for your back.

Placing It All together

Find a blue karate belt to tie all around your waistline twice. The last clothes in the ensemble will be a pair of blue and yellow boots. If you are too lazy to make a costume on your own, just buy it online from and get the best of Goku costumes and its accessories at amazing prices.