How to Apply for PRAN Online

How to Apply for PRAN Online

PRAN Status

PRAN refers to the permanent retirement account number. It is the number issued to every subscriber of the national pension scheme. The national pension scheme has made it mandatory to have this number for all central government employees who have joined work on or after 1st of Jan. 2004.

This is because all the central government employees who have joined after 1st of Jan 2004 are automatically enrolled for the NPS scheme. If you have joined the NPS scheme, it is mandatory to get a PRAN card. The PRAN is generated as soon as you join the scheme. Check how to apply for PRAN card online and check PRAN status.

PRAN registration can be done at the nsdl portal. Use the eNPS portal to fill up the PRAN registration form. The filled in application is submitted to the CRA which is a central record keeping agency. Any subscriber of NPS can register for PRAN. Only the online application for NPS is not sufficient. You need to send the print-out of the filled up form with signature and photo to the CRA. After your documents reaches CRA, you will be sent the PRAN kit. The form should be filed in with personal details, employment details, nomination details, and details of scheme. Also you now download EPF withdrawal form online form the UAN portal.

Pran status online

Check PRAN Status Online

Visit the website to track status of your PRAN card. Click the option of check PRAN status under the value added services section. Enter your PRAN number generated at the time of the application for NPS. You will be able to see the PRAN status on the screen. You will know if it is already dispatched or under process.

Generally, the PRAN card is sent to the respective nodal office within 20 days from the date of opening of NPS account. If you want to check status of PRAN manually, contact your nearest nodal office. Call the NSDL on 022 24994200 and enquire about your PRAN. Keep your permanent retirement account number handy with you. Or send an email to to enquire for your PRAN status. You will get response within 2 working days.

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