A Broken Blood Vessels in Eye

A Broken Blood Vessels in Eye

Broken or burst blood vessels in eye, is not unknown for everybody. It happens many times when one aggressively sneezes or aggressively speaks to someone. It is known as subconjunctival Hemorrhage. It is a very common eye infection appears mostly due to conjunctivitis. There are so many causes due to that reasons broken blood vessel in eye happens.

Causes of Burst Blood Vessels in Eye

Aggressive Nature

This causes due to aggressive vomiting, sneezing and coughing. Some people do not sneeze or cough normally and for these violent activities their eyes catch the red blood eye color.

Strenuous Activity

It happens due to lifting heavy luggage on head. This can increase the pressure of eye blood vessels and thus eyes get burst.


This is one reason that is common. Excessive strain to the eyes is one of the popular causes of red eyes.

Wearing Contact Lenses

Close-up of woman putting in contact lens

Contact lenses irritate the eyes. If one is wearing contact lenses and rubbing his eyes, it can create pressure in veins. It can rupture the blood vessels in eye.

Pink Eye

Pink eye is contagious, you must consult the doctor, if the red blood eyes irritates and itches for prolonged time.

Hypertension and Stress

This is one of the major causes for red blood eyes. If the high blood pressure patient spends some time in stress can cause of bursting blood vessels. Hypertension medications like aspirin, warfarin or coagulant medicines also become the cause for similar problem.

Conjunctivitis or any eye infection

It happens mostly in conjunctivitis. It is normal and within two to three days it disappears itself.

Eye Surgery

If the victim has just passed through eye surgery or done any type of taste or medications related to eyes can infect the red blood capillaries in eyes.

Diabetes or Blood Clotting Problems

In rare cases you find red blood eyes due to diabetes or blood clotting problems. But it can happen due to lack of proper blood flow in the body.

So here is the important discussion about burst blood vessel in eye. It is a very common problem and most probably everyone has faced this situation. But persistent red blood eyes are harmful, consult the eye specialist immediately.

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