How to Track Passport Status Online

Passport is an all in one identity card which provides an international identity to one. Still you have not get the passport, now online passport seva kendra has made the task easier. You will be getting all the information regarding the documents for passport application you will be needed to fill the passport application form. But if you have already enrolled for the passport and you have the passport application file no you can easily tracking of passport status online. Our endeavor is to give you the complete information about current position of passport making. Please do not consider it as any service centre. This is given only to educate you the exact status of passport online. Since from long time you are not getting any information to Check online passport application form or you need it urgent this link will help you in showing you perfect information. We are…


How to Print/Download E-Aadhar

E-aadhar is the electronic version of your aadhar card available on the official portal of UIDAI. The UIDAI portal allows users to download the e-version of their aadhar. The e-aadhar is considered valid in absence of the original aadhar card. If you need your aadhar urgently, downloading e-aadhar is the best solution and also check aadhar card status by name. In the case of application, if the aadhar is already processed and under dispatch, you can avoid delay by printing the e-aadhar online. You will find it in a printable pdf format. The facility is also very useful when you want to know your aadhar card number in the case of lost or damage of the original UID. To get your e-UID, you need to have Adobe acrobat reader in your system. Know your Aadhar Enrolment Number or Aadhar Number Online This facility will also help applicants of UID who…


How to Apply for PRAN Online

PRAN refers to the permanent retirement account number. It is the number issued to every subscriber of the national pension scheme. The national pension scheme has made it mandatory to have this number for all central government employees who have joined work on or after 1st of Jan. 2004. This is because all the central government employees who have joined after 1st of Jan 2004 are automatically enrolled for the NPS scheme. If you have joined the NPS scheme, it is mandatory to get a PRAN card. The PRAN is generated as soon as you join the scheme. Check how to apply for PRAN card online and check PRAN status. PRAN registration can be done at the nsdl portal. Use the eNPS portal to fill up the PRAN registration form. The filled in application is submitted to the CRA which is a central record keeping agency. Any subscriber of NPS…


How to Download the Asphalt 8 for Mac

Are you looking forward to playing racing games for free? Well, are you addicted to playing racing games online? Well, there are a lot of games for you to play and when it comes up for playing the racing games then what can be better than a game of car racing? Well, there are a few games of racing which help you to play the game and then contribute to satisfying your gaming needs. Well, what you need to do is to play the Asphalt 8 for Mac and then get along with it. Indeed, there are a lot of things which one thinks of when the point is about playing a good game with high graphics, and then one of the best things for you to think of is the Asphalt 8 for Mac. But to get it better what you need to do is to download the Viber…



  Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a unique 10-digit code issued by the Indian Income Tax Department under Central Board of Direct Taxes which is used as an important proof of identification for Individuals and Income tax paying entities who are governed under the Indian Income Tax Act 1961. Unlike Aadhar card status online, Voter ID, Passport and other identification cards the PAN is also issued to Foreign Nationals who have valid VISA and are in India for Investments or Business, hence PAN is not accepted as a proof of citizenship. The main purpose of the PAN is to identify and track all financial transactions and check tax evasions in order to protect the economy from the rich and the affluent high-net-worth individuals. Therefore quoting the PAN is compulsory in opening bank accounts, receiving salary, investing in equity or bonds and buying or selling of high value assets. The PAN…


How to Submit the Online Passport application form

There are many ways to apply for the Passport! However most of the people like to make it online so that it does not creates any problem! However if you are unaware of how to come up with downloading and then submitting the Online application form for passport then here is a short guide to help you. All you have to do is to follow the steps and then work accordingly! Step 1: The first most things which you need to do is to register the Passport application form from the online portal. You can get it from different sites or you can directly go to official Passport of India website with Step 2: The next step which you needed to do is to register to the Passport Seva Online Portal and then open your portal of the Passport Seva Online Portal with the help of your Login I.D….


What is EVC – Electronic Verification Code

EVC stands for Electronic Verification Code. It is a 10 digits alpha-numeric code which is used to verify your IT return. It is generated using different methods. The EVC verifies the identity of the person who has filed the income tax refund. EVC is a new initiative take by the government to go paperless. This process will eliminate the need to send the ITR V receipt to the CPC, Bangalore by post. We will guide you about the salient features of EVC, since it is a newly introduced facility. EVC is a new procedure introduced by the income tax department for verification of income tax return. After successfully e-filing your return, you should verify it with various ways. Either you can send the ITR V to CPC or verify through Aadhar card update. Important Facts about EVC Following things are to be kept mind when choose to verify your ITR…


How to Request Mobile Number Registration For Aadhar Card

The aadhar card mobile registration is a means to update all your data online without much hassle. A simple OTP is sent to your registered mobile number and all the changes can be saved, retrieved and safeguarded easily. Are you fussing about finding a simple, systematic guide to register your mobile number for your aadhar card? Worry no more as we list three easy ways to do so. Process 1: Assistance from Enrollment Centre Visit the following link ( ) and locate your nearest enrolment center by selecting your state, district, area and locality. Clicking on Aadhaar card from the search button yields the nearest enrollment center. Once you have their contact details, you can either visit them directly or call up for the documents needed for your mobile number registration. The details of provided from their thorough assistance will yield faster results, since you will be in direct…